Trump Praises Fox For Being “Fair,” Unlike “Every Network” That “Hits Me” On “Made Up Stories Like Russia”

From the April 28 edition of Fox News' The First 100 Days:

DONALD TRUMP: Let me tell you something. So, I have approvals is in the high 40's, every network that you see, with the exception of Fox -- Fox has been fair, but every network you you see hits me on every topic, made up stories like Russia.

They do the Russia, the faux Russia, I call it “the fake Russia story,” Russia story was made up because the embarrassed -- they were embarrassed by their loss. They had this tremendous loss, a loss like nobody has ever seen before.

The Democrats should never lose the electoral college because they automatically start with New York, California, and Illinois. It's impossible for a Republican to win, and not only did I won, I won easily.

So, they made up this Russia thing to try and deflect, because they're embarrassed by what happened. The Russia is a phony story, all you see is the Russia story, the Russia story. You see all of these other phony stories. It's so bad, and for me to have a great approval records in light of all the faux press and the fake press I think is amazing.


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