Trump Demands Media Focus On Clinton's Video Comment, Ignores That ISIS Can Use His Words To Recruit

Jonathan Karl: “Is There Any Doubt That ISIS Would Use What You're Saying About Muslims?”

From the December 22 edition of ABC's Good Morning America:

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JONATHAN KARL: Donald Trump remains on top, and he is now aiming his harshest attacks at Hillary Clinton. Overnight at a packed rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Donald Trump went on an odd diatribe against Hillary Clinton, using a sexually derogatory term to describe how she got beat by Barack Obama in 2008.



HILLARY CLINTON: They are going to people showing videos of Donald Trump insulting Islam and Muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists. 


KARL: Clinton's campaign has provided no direct evidence that that's happened. Trump has demanded an apology. Hillary Clinton says “hell no,” she won't apologize. You've demanded an apology. What now?

DONALD TRUMP: Well look, she lies and she's been a liar whether it's the emails or so many other things --

KARL: She said “hell no.” I mean, it sounds like it's definitely not an apology. [CROSSTALK]

TRUMP: She doesn't want to apologize, that's OK. I mean, that's up to her. But she lied, and she should apologize.

KARL: But the argument that she's making beyond the video is that your words are being broadcast throughout the Arab world and, you know, why -- I mean, is there any doubt that ISIS would use what you're saying about Muslims?

TRUMP: But there is no argument beyond the video. She said Donald Trump is on a video and they're distributing the video -- you know, et cetera, et cetera, OK? And there really is no argument beyond the video. They are using lots of things, I imagine to recruit but they didn't use me on a video, and I'm not sure they used me at all, frankly.


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