Trump confidant Roger Stone: Donald Trump “needs to move aggressively to save himself” from a “deep state takedown”

From an August 21 video broadcast on Periscope and Facebook:

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OWEN SHROYER (INFOWARS HOST): Do you expect Trump to make a drastic move here to stop all this?

ROGER STONE (INFOWARS HOST): There’s more and more evidence that he is reaching his saturation point. Yesterday he referred to Mueller’s associates as thugs. I think he was on the money on that. I don’t know if you caught Kristin Davis last night on Fox but describing her experience in front of the grand jury, most abusive. This is where they ask you a question and then when you start to give an answer they don’t like, they cut you off and ask another question. This is why the Brits no longer have the grand jury system.

So I think the president needs to move aggressively to save himself, Owen. The deep state takedown of Donald Trump moved one notch further today.


Roger Stone has lied or contradicted himself regarding Russia probe matters on countless occasions