Trump Campaign Manager Ducks Interviewer's Question About Whether Ailes Advising Trump Is Appropriate

From the September 7 edition of ABC's Good Morning America:

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GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS (HOST): Another big story in the news today, Roger Ailes. Fox News paying a $20 million settlement over that sexual harassment lawsuit. Lots of reporting that Mr. Ailes is advising Mr. Trump, meeting with him, going over debate prep, helping with attack lines. Is that appropriate in light of this settlement?

KELLYANNE CONWAY: So I'm at Trump Tower everyday, I'm the campaign manager, I've never seen Mr. Ailes there. I saw him one time for lunch recently. He was at lunch. And Mr. Trump --

STEPHANOPOULOS: But he is giving Trump advice, isn't he?

CONWAY: Well I don't know because Mr. Trump speaks to many people on the phone during the day when I'm not there. They've known each other probably for 30 years. I would think pre-Fox News and pre-presidential politics, no doubt.


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