Trump Campaign Co-Chair Blames Trump's Factual Error On Being Up “Early In The Morning”

Sam Clovis: When People Are “Up Early In The Morning And Making Comments ... Sometimes They Conflate Things”

From the July 18 edition of CNN's New Day:

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ALISYN CAMEROTA (HOST): So Donald Trump seemed to confuse there radical Islam and the Nation of Islam. 

SAM CLOVIS: Right, right. 

CAMEROTA: Shouldn't he know the difference between those two? 

CLOVIS: Well, I think right now there is -- it's possible for people to conflate. We still don't know a lot about what's going on with this last particular individual. 

CAMEROTA: But those are two separate groups with separate motivations and separate everything. 

CLOVIS: Exactly, but I do think there are times when people, when they're up early in the morning and making comments, or on television, sometimes they conflate things, so -- 

CAMEROTA: Yes. We understand morning confusion, certainly. But Donald Trump is one of the people who has said you got to call it what it is -- you’ve got to call something exactly what it is in order to fight it. 

CLOVIS: Well, do we know? Do we know for sure? 

CAMEROTA: We from his web postings that how he self-identified as a member of Nation of Islam, among other things. 

CLOVIS: Does he have sympathies with radical Islam? Do we know?

CAMEROTA: Not that we know of. 

CLOVIS: Not that we know, not yet, not yet. So I think until we have all the evidence that we shouldn't be so critical of the comments and we'll just wait and see how it works out.


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