Trump Attacks NBC's Katy Tur During Florida Rally

Trump: “There’s Something Happening. … Katy, You’re Not Reporting It.” 

During a rally in Miami, FL, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump complained that the media never show the “incredible group of people” at his rallies, before focusing his attacks specifically on NBC's Katy Tur. In reference to his large crowds, Trump repeatedly said, “There’s something happening, Katy,” before moving on to hyping his border wall. A Yahoo News correspondent tweeted that after Trump called out Tur, one of his supporters who was seated behind the press began “endlessly taunting” Tur.   

This is the latest in a series of attacks the GOP nominee has launched against journalists in general and the NBC embed reporter in particular. During a June interview with Fox News’ Fox & Friends, Trump said of Tur that his campaign doesn’t “let her in” because “she’s not a very good reporter.” In a December rally, he called her “Little Katy, third-rate journalist,” which prompted his supporters to “point at her and boo.” Tur was given secret service protection back to her car following the rally.  

From the November 2 rally:

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DONALD TRUMP: Thank you. It's too bad those cameras aren't turning around to see this incredible group of people, with thousands more outside. Isn't it too bad? They don't do it. But you know if Hillary speaks and there's 30 people in the line, they say the crowd is massive. She has never had a crowd like this in her life. President Obama shouldn't be campaigning for her any longer -- it's really a conflict, right? He ought to be working on jobs, on the border, on building up our military instead of campaigning for crooked Hillary Clinton. It's what he ought to be doing. He's in North Carolina, but we are going to North Carolina right after this, so -- but we have two more today in Florida and we have massive crowds. There's something happening. They're not reporting it. Katy, you're not reporting it, Katy. But there's something happening, Katy. There's something happening, Katy. A Trump administration will also secure and defend the borders of the United States. And yes, we will build the wall.