Trump Ally Roger Stone: “There’s No Question That” The Media “Aided” Trump’s Rise

From the October 2 edition of The Jamie Weinstein Show:

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JAMIE WEINSTEIN (HOST): Do you think the media helps, was responsible for Trump’s success -- them putting him on television all the time? How do you think the media has covered Trump?

ROGER STONE: There’s no question that they aided his rise because he bet from the beginning that you could counteract hundreds of millions of dollars worth of negative television advertising through free television coverage. The trick to it was to be ubiquitous. Do every single interview you possibly could, jam as many into a day as possible. Turn almost nothing down. And he understood that his rallies, as long as he was drawing large crowds, would get coverage like a news event. Got wall-to-wall coverage on the cable networks. And the debates got huge audiences ‘cause he was in them. Had it just been 15 other career politicians they would have been a snoozefest. So he bet correctly that he could generate enough free coverage to counteract the attack media that was paid and that actually turned out to be true.


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