Trump Ally Roger Stone Promotes Double Agent Smears Against Deceased Capt. Khan And His Family

Fox Host Dobbs Also Promotes Claims That Khizr Khan Is Tied To Muslim Brotherhood

Roger Stone, a longtime Trump ally and adviser, is promoting smears against fallen U.S. Army Captain Humayun Khan and his family. Stone is claiming that Khizr Khan, Capt. Kahn’s father, is a “Muslim Brotherhood agent” and is promoting an article suggesting Humayun Khan was a double agent working for Al-Qaeda.

Khizr Khan gave a speech at the Democratic National Convention honoring his son, who was killed in 2004 in Iraq. Republican nominee Donald Trump responded to Khan’s speech by stating that Khizr Khan’s wife Ghazala “had nothing to say” at the convention and “maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say.” She responded to Trump’s accusations in a Washington Post op-ed, writing that her “husband asked me if I wanted to speak, but I told him I could not” because she was in too much pain.

Stone has been friends with Trump for “almost 40 years.” He worked for his campaign last year and now heads a pro-Trump super PAC. Stone says he regularly talks with Trump and his senior campaign staff. Stone is a discredited researcher and conspiracy theorist who has a decades-long history of employing political dirty tricks.

Stone is now employing dirty tricks against the Khan family. He tweeted on July 31 that Khan is “more than an aggrieved father of a Muslim son- he's Muslim Brotherhood agent helping Hillary” and Khizr Khan is "traced to the same radical Muslim group as @HumaAbedin.”

Stone’s purported evidence comes from a piece by Theodore Shoebat and Walid Shoebat, who claim that Khizr Khan “is a Muslim Brotherhood agent.” The piece also suggests that Humayun Khan was a double agent for Al-Qaeda:

In regards to his son, many were the ‘Muslim martyrs’ who joined the US military. Ali Abdul Saoud Mohamed, for example, enlisted in the Special Forces of the US Army; he was a double working for the US and Al-Qaeda. There is also the example of Hasan K Akbar, a Muslim American soldier who murdered and injured fifteen soldiers. There was Bowe Bergdahl, an American Muslim soldier who deserted his men to join the Taliban, a desertion which led to six American being ambushed and killed while they were on the search looking for him. And of course the example Nidal Malik Hassan, who murdered fourteen Americans in cold blood in Fort Hood.


I can go on and on. Is it likely that Khan’s son was killed before his Islamist mission was accomplished? Only another type of investigation will determine that.  Do they ever mention how many soldiers have died because of Muslim traitors? Do they ever bring up how many Christians in the US military were killed? Yet the modernists and homosexuals continue to attack Christians. But soon everything we need to know will be uncovered.

Stone repeatedly defended the accuracy of the article on Twitter.

Walid Shoebat is a discredited anti-Muslim writer who reportedly fabricated his biography. The Southern Poverty Law Center wrote that Shoebat is “a Muslim convert to Christianity who claims to be a former Palestine Liberation Organization terrorist” and he “has declared that ‘Islam is not the religion of God — Islam is the devil’ and, in 2008, said, ‘Every single … Islamic terror organization in the world supports Barack Hussein Obama. … No one is called Hussein unless he is Muslim.’”

CNN reported in 2011 that Shoebat claims he's “a former Palestinian terrorist who once bombed an Israeli bank” but “CNN reporters in the United States, Israel and the Palestinian territories found no evidence that would support that biography. Neither Shoebat nor his business partner provided any proof of Shoebat's involvement in terrorism, despite repeated requests.”

Stone also appeared on the show of conspiracy theorist and Trump supporter Alex Jones and attacked the Khans. Stone said Trump was right to criticize the family because “Islam is a culture that does not respect, indeed abuses women.” He added that “mother probably wasn’t allowed to speak ‘cause it’s not allowed in their culture.”

Fox Business host Lou Dobbs responded to Stone's Muslim Brotherhood claim about Khan by writing, “Need to Check This Out.”