Trump Ally Roger Stone Claims Clinton “Clearly Had Advance Notice To The Questions” For The Debate

From a September 29 conference call with reporters:

ROGER STONE: Well, I mean frankly, I think both candidates will improve their performance in the next debate. It's only natural that they've now had an opportunity to take the measure of each other. Hillary [Clinton] quite clearly operating with an earpiece, as she has done previously. We know because of her interview with the FBI regarding her email that she can't remember anything. She said 39 times she couldn't remember anything. I also think there's some funny business going on with the network where she clearly had advance notice to the questions. An NBC intern was seen at her headquarters, presumably delivering, or not presumably, delivering a package. It is pretty clear to me that the mainstream media fix was in. Been a little too busy today to track most of this, but it is not surprising that Lester Holt had six follow-ups for Trump and, I think, one for Hillary. The fix was in here from the very beginning. Had I been running the Trump campaign, I don't think I would have agreed to Holt as a moderator. In fact, I think there should be no moderators. I think that we should conduct these like the Lincoln-Douglas debates were conducted in 1860 and the two years previous in the Senate race, where Douglas and Lincoln first tangled in debate with no moderator, just free-wheeling. Let one candidate speak and then let the other candidate speak in succession. That's the way this should be done.


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