Trump Ally: Former Miss Universe “Might As Well Have Been Sucking On A Helium Gun”

Howie Carr: Alicia Machado's Weigh Gain Made Her “Unable To Perform The Function Of A Beauty Queen, Which Is Being Attractive To The Male Gender”

From the September 28 edition of WRKO's The Howie Carr Show:

HOWIE CARR (HOST): Now, you know what’s going on with Donald Trump and Miss Universe here, Alicia Machado. So, at the end of the debate, Lester Holt slipped in that last, final question. That’s why they had to go to 98 minutes, so he could slip in that final question to Hillary Clinton so she could talk about what a sexist dog Donald Trump was and that he had called this poor woman, Miss Venezuela, he had called her “Miss Piggy” and “Miss Housekeeping.” And just because she had put on 60 pounds after she won the Miss America -- or Miss Universe title in 1996, she was fired. 

So, it turns out that Alicia Machado, the reason Hillary had to work that in at the end of the debate was because they already had the ads that were ready to run. And she works for the Clinton campaign and they were going to put her on a media tour to talk about how mean Donald Trump had been to her. So, the problem is that this woman, Alicia Machado is not exactly Mother Theresa, shall we say. 


The larger question here is: Was Donald Trump right to fire her? Did he have a right to fire her? When she was selected as Miss Universe, she had to sign a contract. The contract called for her to perform certain duties. Yet, she immediately gained so much weight as to be unable to perform the function of a beauty queen, which is being attractive to the male gender. She gained 60 pounds. She wasn’t pregnant. She didn’t have some kind of disease where she had to take a drug and it bloated her up. She just started eating unbelieveable amounts of food. She might as well have been sucking on a helium gun.


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