Trump Ally Alex Jones Warns About Reince Priebus: “Sabotage,” “Worst Of The Worst,” Connected To George Soros

Radio host Alex Jones, who has served as an information pipeline to President Donald Trump, is pushing for the president to replace White House chief of staff Reince Priebus. Jones has claimed that Priebus is attempting to “sabotage” Trump’s agenda, said that he is “the worst of the worst,” and implied that he is connected to liberal financier George Soros.

Politico reported that Trump “is complaining to friends and allies about some of his most senior aides” and that people who have “talked with the president have begun to wonder about the future of Chief of Staff Reince Priebus. Several Trump campaign aides have begun to draft lists of possible Priebus replacements.”

Alex Jones is a toxic conspiracy theorist who has claimed that the United States government perpetrated the 9/11 attacks, Sandy Hook school shooting, and other catastrophes. He is a leading media ally for Trump, who has appeared on Jones’ program and repeatedly echoed his conspiracy theories. Jones has used his platform to warn Trump about perceived threats against him, such as supposed voter fraud. He is now warning Trump about Republicans like Priebus who are purportedly trying to “sabotage” his agenda.  

During Jones’ February 9 program, Infowars Washington, D.C., bureau chief (and discredited birther) Jerome Corsi said that he is “very suspect” of Priebus working in the White House because he is “totally GOP establishment.” Jones replied that Priebus “represents the GOP establishment that is bought and paid for by George Soros. It’s a fact.”

Jones later said that his “sources” have told him Priebus is blocking Trump’s people from playing roles in his administration. He also said Priebus “looks like a weasel out of central casting” and that he is “the worst of the worst that tried to steal the nomination from Trump and said our votes didn’t count as citizens.”

JEROME CORSI: There are a lot of Trump people around willing to play a role in the administration and in the media. Now Donald Trump realizes that the mainstream media is shutting out those of us who would help Trump when he realizes that the departments are still packed with John Kerry and Barack Obama supporters. There’s going to be a massive firing out of the bureaucracy and we need a bigger press room in the White House, we need more access for the internet reporters and bloggers who truly support Donald Trump. Donald Trump wants to turn the press narrative around. He is going to get these mainstream --  

ALEX JONES: That’s right. And that’s all being blocked by Spicer under orders of Priebus. And I know for a fact, from multiple sources, Priebus is going in with anybody Trump wanted and brought in that he’s known and saying, “The president’s fired you.” And the person’s, “I want to hear from the president.” And then a day later, Spicer goes, “Let’s be friends. Let’s be friends.” Classic tactics that Reince Priebus is engaged in. I mean, just look at the guy. He looks like a weasel out of central casting. But then look at his pedigree. He is the worst of the worst that tried to steal the nomination from Trump and said our votes didn’t count as citizens. I mean, this is crazy. So Trump is delivering on his promises so far, day 18 or day 19 -- I love him, it’s amazing. The problem is you can see him being opposed in real time by his own people.

Jones added that he can tell his audience that Priebus is “on about half-an-inch-thick ice, and the sun just came out.” He added that Trump can see “right through” Priebus’ “sabotage games” and “knows what’s going on.”

Jones also issued a February 11 “EMERGENCY” YouTube video in which he claimed that he knows for “a fact” that Trump is “aware that it’s Reince Priebus that’s leaking most of the stuff in meetings. … He believes that Trump is going to go or something is going to happen. And he’s currying favor with the big banks, with the power structure, with those that financed the Republican Party, who've been against Trump.”

Jones continued attacking Priebus on his February 12 show, stating: “Who is the problem? Reince Priebus. And who is holding everything up? Reince Priebus. Isn’t that just special?” Infowars posted video of Jones’ remarks on YouTube under the headline “Paul Ryan Minion, Reince Priebus, Working Against Trump.”

After Trump hired Priebus in November, Jones said, “I do not trust Priebus at all. He is a RINO neocon galactic-level weasel. And when I learned yesterday morning that that’s who they were probably going to appoint, I just obviously wasn’t happy about it,” but he noted that he trusted Trump’s judgment.

A likely source of Jones’ animus toward Priebus is longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone, who frequently contributes to Jones’ program and Infowars network. Stone has regularly attacked Priebus, labeling him a “douchebag” and calling for him to be “prosecuted” for corruption.