Trump Ally Alex Jones: Mark Cuban Might Be “Lusting After Donald Trump” In A “Latent Gay Worship Thing” 

From the September 25 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

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ALEX JONES (HOST): How pathetic is he wanting to join the campaign to be a V.P. a year ago now butthurt? I mean is he really just lusting after Donald Trump? Is this kind of a latent gay worship thing?

ROGER STONE: Look, he and Trump have not been close friends. But he went from mildly kind of saying, well you've got to give the guy credit, to now being the attack dog.

JONES: So he’s a spurned latent -- and there’s nothing wrong with being gay.


JONES: So Cuban’s got a crush on him and is spurned.

STONE: Well it’s worse than that. This poor bastard goes out and defends the Clinton Foundation. 


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