Trump Adviser Stephen Moore: “We Have The Cleanest Coal In The World”

Moore Also Doubles Down On Claim That Climate Change Policies Are “Stalinist”

From the November 15 edition of Fox Business' Varney & Co.:

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STUART VARNEY (Host): This is a quote from you. Defy Stalinist global warming rules and burn coal. Are we gonna do that, and when? 

STEPHEN MOORE (Trump Adviser): Yeah. I mean look, Donald Trump made a very specific promise to the coal miners of America: We're going to try to put as many of them back in their jobs. These Stalinistic rules that deal with climate change have put so many tens of thousands of our coal miners out of work. By the way, Stuart, do you know how much coal -- guess how many years of coal we have in this country. Just take a wild guess.

VARNEY: Couple of hundred years worth? 

MOORE: You're wrong. 500 years. We have more coal than any other country in the world. We're the Saudi Arabia of coal. Hell yes, we should use our coal resources. And by the way, for the environmentalists, we have the cleanest coal in the world. Great story in The Wall Street Journal people didn't pay too much attention to on Wednesday because of the election: China is building like 100 new coal plants. How does it help the environment when we shut down our coal and China builds ten plants for every one we shut down? How does that reduce global warming? 


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