Trump Adviser Roger Stone Praises Trump’s Claim That As President He Would Appoint A Special Prosecutor To Investigate Clinton

Stone: “This Is His Way Of Telling The Clintons And Their Daughter That They’re Going To Prison”

From the October 9 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

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ROGER STONE: I’m very pleased, this is the Donald Trump that I know, Trump being himself. Combative, wily, getting back to his central themes, not letting her lie, not letting her set the agenda, not letting her dominate the subject matter. And you could see the flop sweat breaking out on her forehead, you could see her jaw clenching because she's never been confronted, certainly not by a federal prosecutor. He scored by saying I will appoint a special prosecutor. This is his way of telling the Clintons and their daughter that they’re going to prison over their massive corruption.


Trump Ally Roger Stone: The Clintons Will Try To Rig The Election Because “They Will Probably Go To Prison” Under President Trump