Trump Adviser Roger Stone: Alex Jones Will Be A “Valuable Asset” For New Trump Admin.

Top Donald Trump adviser Roger Stone told The Washington Post that conspiracy theorist radio host Alex Jones will be a “valuable asset” who will rally the public in support of President-elect Donald Trump’s new administration.

Jones is a toxic conspiracy theorist who believes the government was involved in the 9/11 attacks, school shootings, and other tragedies like the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster and the Oklahoma City bombing. He today doubled down on conspiracy theories regarding the 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The Washington Post profiled Jones in a November 17 piece and noted that Trump helped bring Jones into the “mainstream.” Trump appeared on his program in December and praised him as having an “amazing” reputation.

Jones spent much of the 2016 presidential campaign pushing Trump to his radio and online audience. He recently said Trump repaid his efforts after the November 8 results by personally calling him to thank his audience for their support and said he would be on the program shortly.

Longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone took credit for setting up Jones and Trump and told the Post that the two “hit it off.”

Stone, who takes credit for persuading Jones to support Trump, envisions the Web impresario as a potent force during the new administration, a bridge between the presidency and a restless, skeptical slice of the population. “He’s a valuable asset—somebody has to rally the people around President Trump’s legislative program,” Stone says.


Stone says he had spent nearly three decades trying to figure out how to make Donald Trump president. He thought his new friend, Jones, could help.

He particularly liked the idea of Trump appearing on the Jones shows, because “they are reaching the Trump constituencies,” Stone says. “They are reaching the people who knock on the doors.”

Trump, according to Stone, wasn’t difficult to persuade. The president-elect is “an inveterate watcher of television. He has watched Infowars, Stone says. “They hit it off.”