Trevor Noah Calls Out CNN's Jeffrey Lord For Rewriting History About The KKK

Noah: “It Is Nonsense That This 'Helmethead' Is Trying To Link The Klan To Modern Day Democrats”

From the March 3 edition of Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Trevor Noah:

TREVOR NOAH (HOST): A big question you may be asking yourself why is Mitt Romney speaking out against Trump? Well, a good part of that is a week ago the KKK grand wizard emeritus David Duke, he told his followers to vote for Donald Trump. And Donald Trump was coy about disavowing Duke's support right?


NOAH: Now obviously a grand wizard of the KKK praising the Republican front-runner is going to stir up a lot of emotion. And we saw that on CNN. As a Trump supporter and a Democrat faced off as the Super Tuesday results were coming in.


NOAH: One minute they were talking about whether Trump was cool with racism. The next thing you know, the Trump supporter basically blaming the Klan on liberals.


NOAH: A lot of people like to skip over the fact that when it comes to race relations, historically Republicans and Democrats switched positions. Yeah, Republicans were basically Democrats and the Democrats were basically Republicans.


NOAH: What happened was, Lincoln, way back in the day, the first Republican president. He did free the slaves and the Democrats of the time spent the next eighty years busting on black people, instituting segregation and founding terrorist groups like the KKK who hated black people and proper spelling.


NOAH: So basically in this argument what 'helmethead' saying about the KKK being a Democratic group, that was true in like 1910, but then after World War II, Democratic presidents like Truman and Johnson, they started supporting civil rights laws and that lead to a mass exodus of racists from the Democratic party.


NOAH: So now that we know all of this, we can see why it is nonsense that this 'helmethead' is trying to link the Klan to modern day Democrats, because everything has changed since then.


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