Telemundo Exposes Trump's Lies About His Relationship With Putin

RNC Hispanic Outreach Director Helen Aguirre Ferré Struggles To Defend Him

From the July 28 edition of Telemundo's Noticiero Telemundo:

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MARIA CELESTE ARRARÁS (CO-HOST): Let's talk now about Donald Trump. He insisted today that he was being sarcastic when he said yesterday that Russia should cyber-spy on the United States and find Hillary Clinton's lost emails. This position change by Trump comes after being sharply criticized for his comments in the last hours that many considered to be out of place considering that the United States has spent millions of dollars fighting against cyber-terrorism. Angie Sandoval has the report.

ANGIE SANDOVAL: After publicly inviting Russia to spy on the United States, Donald Trump said today that he was being sarcastic when he exhorted this country to find Hillary Clinton's emails from when she was secretary of state. The ex-ambassador of the United States to Russia, Mike McFaul, described the comments as troubling. But the Republican Party:

HELEN AGUIRRE FERRÉ: What should be stressed is that the news here is that Hillary Clinton really looks as vulnerable as she is in this field, in this conversation.


SANDOVAL: The controversy comes on the same day that Wikileaks publishes audio messages obtained -- according to them -- clandestinely, from a group of Democratic National Committee emails. American intelligence is attributing the email espionage to Russia. Yesterday Trump tried to distance himself from the controversy, claiming that he has never met President Vladmir Putin. But the presidential candidate --


DONALD TRUMP: I do have a relationship.


SANDOVAL: -- two years ago said the opposite in Moscow, in a flip-flop that could force him to clarify his position.


JOSH EARNEST: The United States counters cyber threats.


SANDOVAL: As of now, the White House promises to find those responsible for the cyber espionage and assures that it is looking out for the privacy of U.S. citizens regardless of political affiliation. And the White House made clear today that Donald Trump would receive the intelligence information that is given to all presidential candidates. This amidst concerns expressed by ex-government officials and some Democratic congressman.


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