Steve Hayes On Trump Lawsuit: Independent Voters Can Say “Forget It, Republican Party Is Making Clowns Of Themselves”

Fox's Hayes: GOP Infighting “A Spectacle Unbecoming And Not Worthy Of The Kinds Of Problems That Are Facing The Country At This Point”

From the February 18 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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MARTHA MACCALLUM (HOST): Trump supporters would clearly say, look he's not going to take this lying down. That's the way Donald Trump is. He punches back, and when you mischaracterize how he feels about something, whether it be gun control or whether it be abortion or whether it be this issue, he's not going to just sit there and let you do it. He said that 20 years ago. It's not what he says now, and why not punch back? 

STEVE HAYES: Yeah. Look I think that's perfectly legitimate for Trump supporters to say, and I would expect that that would be the political argument that the Trump campaign would make. Just to make it in a court of law, it seems to be unlikely to be successful. But let's just take a big step back and look at this in terms of the big picture. I mean if you're an average voter out there, and you look at the problems that the United States is facing -- whether you're talking about $20 trillion in debt, whether you're talking about Vladimir Putin trying to rebuild the Soviet empire, the spread of global jihad, China aggression. You've got these major problems in the world, and here you have the leading Republicans debating a phony lawsuit that's never going to see a day in court, and if it were ever to see a day in court would be laughed out of court. There would be a reason, I think, for voters, particularly independent voters who might be conservative leaning, to say forget it, the Republican Party is making clowns of themselves. This is a spectacle unbecoming and not worthy of the kinds of problems that are facing the country at this point.


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