Slate's Jamelle Bouie Highlights How Bannon Is Injecting Breitbart's White Nationalism Into White House Policies

Bouie: Trump Administration Policies Have The “Hallmarks Of The Kind Of Aggressive, Populist, White Nationalist Rhetoric You See On Websites Like Breitbart”

From the January 29 edition of CBS' Face The Nation:

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JOHN DICKERSON (HOST): Jamelle, there is an argument for nobody should go and tell the president, on this specific case, “no," because he's now launched an investigation of voter irregularities, and that could lead to a lot of legislation that Republicans want.

JAMELLE BOUIE: Right, I think at that same press conference, the press secretary said that voter identification might be one way to deal with this, and there are a lot of voting rights advocates who are very much afraid of this investigation because they feel, especially if Sen. Jeff Sessions is confirmed as attorney general, it will become kind of the entry point for a crackdown on voting rights. I want to get to [Stephen] Bannon real quick, though, because I think the point about chief ideologist is very important. One thing that I still feel is a little underexamined about Bannon is his relationship and his role as the head of Brietbart prior to joining the Trump campaign. And if you look at what the administration has done over this past week, from the immigration order, from the announcement that the White House website would start publicizing crimes from undocumented immigrants, from, this seems minor, but the Holocaust memorial statement, which strangely did not mention Jewish Americans or anti-Semitism. These are all hallmarks of the kind of aggressive, populist, white nationalist rhetoric you see on websites like Breitbart. What exactly is Bannon's role here, and what kind of beliefs is he injecting into the mainstream?


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