Slate’s Jamelle Bouie Calls On Trump To Denounce Post-Election Intimidation And Violence Against Minorities

Bouie: “In The Wake Of Trump's Election, There Have Been Reports Across The Country Of Intimidation, Harassment, And Violence Against” Groups Trump Targeted

From the November 13 edition of CBS’ Face the Nation:

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JOHN DICKERSON (HOST): Jamelle, on the one hand you have the president, and Hillary Clinton, and even Bernie Sanders saying, we'll try and work with the new president, and on the other hand you have people marching in the street. Where does that go from here?

JAMELLE BOUIE: I think this gets to the question of what President-elect Trump can do to unify the country in the wake of this election. I think the people marching in L.A., on college campuses around the country, aren't marching simply because Trump was a Republican president that got elected. They're marching because the Trump campaign was very much centered on demagogic rhetoric against immigrants, against Muslim Americans, against black protesters, against sort of America's non-white community. In the wake of Trump's election, there have been reports across the country of intimidation, harassment, and violence against those very groups. So if Trump is serious about unifying the country, if this is a thing he wants to do, then I think he needs to immediately speak against these acts of intimidation, harassment, and violence that are happening -- to some degree -- in the name of the campaign that he ran.


BOUIE: Two of the people in contention for chief of staff are Stephen Bannon and Reince Priebus, the chairman of the RNC. And I think if Trump chooses Stephen Bannon, who is known for his associations with the web site Breitbart, which is a clearinghouse for these sort of alt-right groups, that will give us a sign of the kind of president Donald Trump intends to be, and the extent to which he's not aiming for any kind of unity with America's non-white population.


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