On SiriusXM's The Agenda, Media Matters' Kristian Ramos Calls Out Chris Wallace's Flip-Flop On Fact-Checking And “Huge Conflict Of Interest”

Ramos: Wallace's Former Boss Roger Ailes Left Fox Amid Sexual Harassment Claims And Is Now Advising Trump, “Who Is In The Middle Of A Huge Scandal Regarding Sexual Harassment”

From the October 19 edition of SiriusXM's The Agenda:

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MICHELE JAWANDO (HOST): We know the debate topics are supposed to be debt and entitlements, immigration, the economy, the Supreme Court, foreign hotspots, and fitness to be president. I don't know what Donald Trump is going to say or do about that last one: fitness to be president. It's almost like a joke, because I don't know if that's ever been something that we've actually discussed --

DANIELLA GIBBS LEGER: I don't think so.

KRISTIAN RAMOS: Yeah, that's a new one, probably.

JAWANDO: -- at the debate. Yeah, but it's because of his craziness, I think. I mean I've never actually seen the commission put out “fitness to be president.” What does that even mean?

RAMOS: So I actually think what's interesting here in addition to that, and we'll get to the fitness to be president, but I think the other thing that's going to be really fascinating about this debate is the moderator, Chris Wallace, a while back said that he was -- it's not the role of the moderator to fact-check. And what's interesting about that is during the primaries, he absolutely fact-checked Donald Trump, a couple of times memorably. And then along those lines, like I said we would get to the fitness to be president part, the huge elephant in the room here is from a media standpoint, from a watchdog standpoint, is Chris Wallace's former boss Roger Ailes was fired or left Fox News, however you want to put it, because he was under investigation for sexual harassment. He is currently advising Donald Trump, who is in the middle of a huge scandal regarding sexual harassment. And will Wallace bring that up? Can Wallace bring that up without, I don't know, without blowing up?

JAWANDO: Wow, I didn't even think about that.

RAMOS: It's a huge conflict of interest if you think about it.

JAWANDO: It's a total conflict of interest.


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