Sen. Al Franken debunks right-wing media's Clinton-Ukraine collusion narrative used to defend Trump Jr.

Franken: “I think there's a big difference here and we know what Russia did and that's a big deal”

From the July 12 Senate judiciary committee confirmation hearing for FBI director nominee Christopher Wray:

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SEN. AL FRANKEN (D-MN): And, for the record, Senator [Lindsey] Graham [(R-SC)], I think he would have made a great FBI agent and I'm glad that also he's in the Senate. That said, I don't know about the article, the January Politico article, that suggests that someone in the Ukraine wanted to pass some information off to the [Hillary] Clinton campaign, but I think I know the answer to this -- I think you know the answer to the question. Did the Ukraine -- or Ukraine, rather -- hack the RNC's [Republican National Committee] database? Did they hack [counselor to the president] Kellyanne Conway? Did the Clintons want to build a hotel in Kiev? I think there's a big difference here and we know what Russia did and that's a big deal. And thank you for saying that part of your job is making sure it doesn't happen again.


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