Sean Hannity predicts that Trump will continue with the shutdown “indefinitely” 

Hannity: “You know, and as far as the president goes, I think he'll go on indefinitely.”

From the January 23 edition of Premire Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): The fact that the Senate Democrats are allowing [Nancy Pelosi] now to pull them perceptually all the way to the far left, on a position they all supported in the Obama years -- that's pretty politically stupid. Because one message is really loud and clear, they care more about hurting Donald Trump, hating Donald Trump, than they do about solving problems for the American people. Because if they cared about DACA, they cared about Dreamers, if they cared about furloughed employees, if they cared about safety and security of Americans, they would be at least sitting down at the table, but that's not what they're capable of doing. You know, and as far as the president goes, I think he'll go on indefinitely. Now I think he's going to choose the option of declaring a national emergency. What happens from there will be interesting, it doesn't matter. This president's going to get the money for the wall one way or the other. And that should be a reality that they face. 


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