Sean Hannity pleads with caller who says he is “down and out in the dumps” over Trump caving on border wall

From the January 25 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show

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CALLER: It's just that now he doesn't look like the negotiator, like his books or anything, like he said -- 

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): No I think just the opposite because -- hang on a second -- he's the one that is driving the whole train. He's the one that has decided this is going to be the debate, he's the one that decided what the compromise is going to be, he's the one that has given, in part of the negotiation, given them the three weeks that they've asked for to do their job. He's the one that then will make the decision alone on February 15. And he will decide either to shut the government down or go the national emergency route. It seems like he's in total control to me. And he also seems reasonable. Seems like he's trying to make a difference, get what he wants, and make a deal with people that have been unwilling to even sit down. 

CALLER: Well, I mean, if he can try to save face this way. But I think a lot of people, like that I work with right now, are just so down and out in the dumps because of this.

HANNITY: Wait for three weeks -- you know what? Let's wait three weeks. Don't get down in the dumps yet. I mean, giving them a chance to do their job. If in three weeks he keeps the government open, and doesn't declare a state of emergency, I'll be down in the dumps. 


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