Sean Hannity offers to host Donald Trump to give the State of the Union during a “special edition of Hannity”

Sean Hannity: “Welcome to Hannity, we now go to the president”

From the January 23 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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CALLER: Can you imagine if he was in a venue, in a city or whatever? Sean, that crowd would be on their feet the entire speech. What do you think they're going to do in Washington? There's so much distraction and so much dysfunction going on in D.C. right now; take it to the people. It is, after all, a State of the Union speech, right? It's not a state of Nancy Pelosi's mind speech. Right? Yeah --

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Well, it's not -- it's not a state -- it is, I'll tell you what -- you want my prediction, by the way?

You know who's going to be put in a box that moment? And I actually think it will happen, this is going to be fascinating to watch -- the news media. Remember, they're tied at the hip, “manufactured crisis,” the Democrats say it, they say it.

What's the media going to do? “Well, it's not the way we usually do the State of the Union, uh -- should we cover it?” My guess is, I'd predict they probably would go with Pelosi. That's -- how sad is that? But -- or they might -- they might know that that is a bridge too far, especially after BuzzFeed -- you know, they have been exposed -- they will never -- it will never die down, the branding of “fake news.” Ever. Anyway, go ahead, you get the last word.

CALLER: Whoever -- whoever carries that speech, Sean, the ratings are going to go through the roof for that speech, and for that night. I guarantee it.

HANNITY: Special edition of Hannity, I'll cover it live. No problem.

CALLER: Absolutely. Absolutely.

HANNITY: Welcome to Hannity, we now go to the president. Yeah.


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