Sean Hannity: Even if Trump did order Cohen to lie to Congress, it doesn't matter because Democrats are hypocrites

Hannity: Even “if you assume for the moment that even BuzzFeed nailed this story down ... since when [have] Democrats started caring about obstruction”

From the January 18 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): You know, the big talking point of all Democrats today is, “Oh, this could be obstruction of justice.” Michael Cohen, Michael Cohen is now saying Donald Trump directed him, told him, you know, to lie about the contacts about Trump Tower in Russia. Now, in other words, to say it didn't -- that the discussions ended in January 2016 when in reality they ended in June of 2016. That's what the contact is, and somehow, you know, that the president directly -- Michael's saying that the president directly told him to suborn perjury and say that it really ended in January and not June when in reality it ended. And I'm thinking, I'm watching the Democratic Party -- they hated Michael Cohen, now they love him because he seems to be on their political side and their goal, you know, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. And I'm thinking as I'm listening to this, you know, Michael Cohen is, sadly, 'cause I knew the guy and knew his family, going to jail for lying to Congress, lying on loan applications, and not paying his taxes. And so -- and then I'm watching Democrats -- it's laughable, at the end of this week with all these huge deep state developments, Democrats in Congress, their hysteria -- again, this is for the 900th time, you know, about President Trump, based on the claims of Michael Cohen. Now Michael Cohen does, and I would not recommend it for him, it's up to him -- he goes before Congress and Jim Jordan is going to question him, and all these other Republicans are going to question him, and they're going to say, “which Michael Cohen should we believe?”

Now, I can dismantle the credibility of all of this in about 30 seconds. But if you assume for the moment that even BuzzFeed nailed this story down -- although reporters of the story are giving out conflicting stories about whether they've seen the information or not -- you know, two law enforcement officials, they say, confirmed it. Obviously this is a special counsel leak. But Robert Mueller now has, what, a serious, verifiable evidence that Donald Trump ordered Michael Cohen to lie to Congress, which our Democratic friends insists is an unbelievable case of obstruction of justice. You know, because the first question has to be since when has Democrats started caring about obstruction. Because the biggest slam dunk case of obstruction of justice, if we have equal justice and equal application of our laws, is Hillary Clinton's subpoenaed emails. And then, of course, the deletions, the Bleach Bit, the hammers. Or Bill Clinton literally had Monica Lewinsky signing a false affidavit, before pressuring, you know, Betty Currie, his secretary at the time, to lie to the FBI. Never mind that he later perjured himself during grand jury testimony. So, Democrats now all of a sudden -- and their media cohorts, they're tied at the hip, you know, did they support Clinton's impeachment? Of course not, they trashed Republicans who tried to hold Clinton accountable for his one man crime wave. Hillary Clinton ordered the deletion of subpoenaed emails. It happened, those were her emails. If you delete, if you Bleach Bit, you destroy your devices that are subpoenaed, it's never going to work out well for you. And if you paid for a Russian dossier, and then it gets spread to the American people before an election, and it's not verified or corroborated, and they know Hillary paid for it, and they present it to a court falsely, committing a fraud -- that's not going to work out well for you. 

And that's what's so fascinating about watching what I call the biggest information crisis in the country's history. You know, journalism is dead, this is all agenda-driven, and it's going to be another debunked story by sometime next week, as it usually is.


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