Samantha Bee Rips Trump VP Pick Mike Pence’s Extreme Anti-Choice Stance, “Anti-LGBT Crusade,” And “Incompetence”

From the July 18 edition of TBS' Full Frontal with Samantha Bee:

SAMANTHA BEE (HOST): “So who is Mike Pence?” asked 86 percent of the country. Mike Pence was loaned out from Republican central casting to play the Governor of Indiana, a state known primarily for its stupid number of time zones. It's 10:30 in Indianapolis, 9:30 in Gary, and 1952 everywhere thanks to Pence. If you're a lady Hoosier, you may recognize him as the governor who inspected your reproductive organs every 30 days to make sure you weren't using them in ways that would make Jesus sad. He's basically the reason Brooklyn is full of Midwesterners. Among his greatest hits, Pence signed a law requiring funerals for fetuses after an abortion or miscarriage. The law was blocked by a federal judge, but not before Pence had closed down every abortion clinic not equipped with a full complement of funeral bag pipers, you know, for the woman's safety. In Pence's state, having a miscarriage could land you in jail for 20 years, so if you're driving through Indiana, and the contractions start, cross your legs and don't stop til you're in Chicago. Throw in the hit taxpayers took from Pence's anti-LGBT crusade, plus a general reputation for incompetence, and the governor isn't exactly beloved in his own state. 


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