Rudy Giuliani Shouts Down MSNBC's Katy Tur, Refuses To Condemn Trump Supporters Saying “Assassinate That Bitch” Clinton

Katy Tur: “Let Me Just Ask One Question”

From MSNBC's November 8 Election Day coverage:

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KATY TUR (HOST): Last night, were you in Manchester [NH]? 


TUR: So I was in Manchester as well, and I've been to almost every Donald Trump rally since the beginning. I heard a man scream when Governor Pence was talking about Hillary Clinton, “Assassinate that b-word.” Why do we keep hearing Trump supporters using this language? 

GIULIANI: Oh I don't know, but that's not fair. So I was at, I was in Colorado, in Denver, the day after they threw a rock through the headquarters. And that was a Hillary --

TUR: But hold on, hold on, hold on. I've been to every Trump -- I'm asking you about the Trump campaign. 

GIULIANI: No, no, no. I'm --

TUR: Why do we keep hearing this negative language, this inflammatory language, talking about assassinating somebody? 

GIULIANI: Well how, why do we hear --

TUR: Mayor, assassination. A man said, “Assassinate that b-word.” Why do we hear that at Trump rallies?

GIULIANI: Because you hear the same thing at Hillary Clinton -- 

TUR: I've never heard anyone who would like to assassinate Donald Trump at a Hillary Clinton rally.

GIULIANI: Well I -- they threw a rock through the window of Trump headquarters. Had you not interrupted me, I'd finish the sentence. Almost hit a little boy that I met on Saturday morning who was still traumatized by it. The guy was arrested. The guy was a Hillary Clinton supporter. We know from WikiLeaks that they paid people, thugs, to create riots and fights in Chicago to break up the Trump campaign. 

TUR: I know you want to go turn towards the Clinton campaign, but I have you here and you represent the Trump campaign.

GIULIANI: No, I don't want to do that. I want to show you --

TUR: You represent the Trump campaign, and we're going to have a vote tonight, and my question to you --

GIULIANI: I want to show you --

TUR: Mr. Giuliani. 

GIULIANI: -- the unfairness of CNBC, that you're asking me about that.

TUR: This is MSNBC. 

GIULIANI: MSNBC. You're the same.

TUR: But hold on. Let me just ask one question. 

GIULIANI: The reality is -- no, no.

TUR: Mr. Mayor --

GIULIANI: Let me answer. The reality is that the Hillary Clinton campaign has involved itself in more violence and paid for it than anything going on in the Trump campaign, but you don't report on it. You don't report on the fact that they paid out -- 

TUR: Those are unsubstantiated claims. 

GIULIANI: Thousands and thousands of dollars to thugs to go make it look like the Trump campaign had violent people, but they were being paid for it by the Clinton campaign. 

TUR: Those are unsubstantiated claims, and I really wanted --

GIULIANI: No, no. They're on WikiLeaks.

TUR: -- to ask about the Trump campaign specifically -- 

GIULIANI: They're on WikiLeaks. They're not unsubstantiated 

TUR: -- but we can move on.


GIULIANI: That's the usual thing you do to us. When I come on CNN or MSNBC or CNBC, it's like going before the grand jury and you're the defense lawyer for the other side.

TUR: It's also difficult for reporters talking to Donald Trump and his surrogates because oftentimes, many of you will just completely obscure the facts or gloss over the facts and then --

GIULIANI: Nobody obscures the facts.

TUR: -- and then say things that are factually untrue. Donald Trump says that very often on the campaign trail.

GIULIANI: It is not factually untrue. There was a lawsuit that Al Gore was involved in. Why did he have a lawyer if he wasn't involved in a lawsuit? Am I making that up?

TUR: Mayor Giuliani, thank you so much for being here --

GIULIANI: You're the one who got the facts wrong. Not me.

TUR: Thank you so much for being here. I appreciate it. Good luck tonight.

GIULIANI: Thank you. 


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