Roger Stone To Alex Jones: “Trump Himself Told Me That He Has Seen So Many Of Your Supporters And Listeners At His Rallies”

Stone: “I’m Certain That He Is Grateful For Your Support”

From the May 4 edition of Genesis Communications Network's The Alex Jones Show: 

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ALEX JONES (HOST): My reporters -- again, I don’t know why we’re in the zeitgeist -- all over the country caught the Mexican flags, the beating people up, the George Soros-funded people. That has accelerated Trump. I just hope the Trump campaign knows, because of I’m proud of my crew. It’s not me. My crew, I’m telling you, is good for two or three points he’s got nationally. Infowars is devastating the Trumpian opposition.

ROGER STONE: Well in fact, Donald Trump himself told me that he has seen so many of your supporters and listeners at his rallies. He loves the “Hillary for Prison” T-shirts and he knows exactly where they came from. So Alex, I’m certain that he is grateful for your support and the support of other patriots who have stepped forward here to try to clear the mainstream media myths about --

JONES: I was about to say, just to interrupt again, it’s not about even credit. I want listeners and viewers to know, you’re having an effect. Stone’s having an effect. I am, our crew -- this is history. We’re in an epic fight and we are beating the living you-know-what out of the enemy.


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