RNC Chair Praises Alt-Right, Racist, Sexist Breitbart News Despite Attacks Against His Party

Reince Priebus: “We've Been On The Receiving End Of Some Good Things From That Particular Website Too”

From the August 23 edition of Fox News' The Kelly File:

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MEGYN KELLY (HOST): Steve Bannon has taken over as the CEO of Trump's campaign. This is a guy who doesn't think of much of your party and has come out and suggested he'd like to destroy the whole thing, according to a report that just hit yesterday in The Daily Beast suggesting that he is a Leninist, that he'd like to take down the Republican Party, he just doesn't like parties in general. You're the head of the Republican Party, what do you think of that? 

REINCE PRIEBUS: Well, I never like unearned attacks. And we've been both on the good side and the bad side of that particular website. But look, there is so much media out there, Megyn. I mean, there's so many websites, there's so many folks that are commentating --

KELLY: But you've seen Steve Bannon's website, Breitbart, which thinks absolutely nothing of your party and the so-called party elite. You know that. 

PRIEBUS: Listen, I'm not a fan of some of the things that have happened but I don't think it's been totally one-sided either. We've been on the receiving end of some good things from that particular website too. But I think you've got to judge people moving forward. And I think so far, if you look at the way things have been going for the last several days, I think it's a continuation of Donald Trump staying on message, being disciplined. He is doing it again today. I think that's where he needs to be. 


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