Right-wing media are split over Trump selling $60 “God Bless the USA” Bibles

Trump’s newest grift comes right before Easter Sunday

Right-wing media are split over former President Donald Trump selling a “God Bless the USA” Bible for $59.99 just ahead of Easter Sunday. Some right-wing figures are calling Trump’s Bible “sacrilegious,” while others are saying it’s “blessed.”

According to the Bible’s sales page, the Trump presidential campaign is not profiting from sales of the book. However, the page does not say anything about whether or not profits are funding Trump’s legal battles, of which there are many. Trump is selling the Bible in partnership with country singer Lee Greenwood. 

BlazeTV podcast host and anti-LGBTQ commentator Allie Beth Stuckey described Trump selling Bibles as giving her “the ‘ick’ times 1000."

“It feels sacrilegious, it feels political, it feels like you’re selling a Bible to pay your legal fees, which I just don’t like,” Stuckey said.

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Citation From the March 28, 2024, edition of BlazeTV's Relatable with Allie Beth Stuckey 

BlazeTV podcaster Jason Whitlock wrote that Trump “selling a $60 Bible to profit is not a good look.”

Whitlock also wrote, “Billionaires should give away Bibles, not sell them. Especially on the day their social media stock profits them $8 billion. Donald Trump has made a significant blunder partnering with country singer Lee Greenwood to hawk ‘God Bless the USA’ Bibles."

Right-leaning Christian news magazine WORLD published a blog that argues “a Bible like this should never have been made.” The blog contends that Trump’s Bible, which includes documents like the U.S. Constitution, Pledge of Allegiance, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence, fuses religious text and America's founding documents “in the name of religious-civic identity” that “can quickly become a form of identity politics for the political right.”

Additionally, the right-wing news site The Washington Examiner wrote a story about Trump being “trolled for Bible promotion” and speculated about his fundraising projects, claiming that they “aren’t paving a golden road to a stuffed war chest.”

Controversial host Piers Morgan pointed out during a panel discussion that the former president has refused to name his favorite Bible verse during past interviews.

Morgan said he is “not so convinced” that Trump “wallows” in the Bible every night.

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Citation From the March 28, 2024, edition of Piers Morgan Uncensored 

Others in the right-wing media space are ecstatic to see Trump selling the Bible

Newsmax host Greg Kelly heaped praise on Trump for selling the book.

“People are accusing him of blasphemy. This is the furthest thing. This is — This is beautiful, this is blessed,” Kelly said.

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Citation From the March 27, 2024, edition of Newsmax's Greg Kelly Reports

Right-wing author Carol Swain wrote, “America would be better off if more people read the Bible and the founding documents. Putting them together in one volume makes it easier for people to be educated about our nation and its roots.”

Podcaster and anti-Muslim activist Laura Loomer said the Trump-endorsed Bible is “really beautiful, it’s a great gift, it’s a great way to, you know, teach people about, you know, the importance of our Judeo-Christian values.”

Newsmax host Todd Starnes praised Trump and his Bible, writing, “President Trump urged Americans to pray, read the Bible, and familiarize themselves with the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. The triggered response from the heathens and wokevangelicals is pitiful and sad.”

Fox News host Sean Hannity promoted Trump’s Bible.

On Real America’s Voice, right-wing pastor Jackson Lahmeyer said Trump selling Bibles is “one of the greatest spiritual moments in U.S. history.”

Perhaps Trump should stick to hawking useless products that are less divisive, like his NFT trading cards, sneakers, and mug shot t-shirts.