Right Side Broadcasting and Christina Bobb complain that Republicans didn't vote because they thought it wouldn't count

Bobb then insists on a new election in Arizona

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Citation From November 15, 2022, RSBN coverage of Donald Trump's presidential announcement

BRIAN GLENN (HOST): What did you see on social media? I mean, obviously, we were all watching the results come in and we, of course, I was scrolling on social media. What's the – what are they saying?

CHRISTINA BOBB (SAVE AMERICA): Well, I think people are really discouraged with Arizona. I mean, Arizona has set an extremely low standard for how to run an election. And they seem to hide behind incompetence. They say, oh, there's no fraud, there's no fraud, we're just a bunch of idiots, and as a result, we win the election. So I think people are very skeptical of that manner of doing, you know, administering elections. So I think people want – people want transparency. We want to know what actually happened. I think transparency is so important just to restore not just the integrity, but to restore the appreciation among Americans for our process. Because I think right now a lot of people are concerned that the process isn't fair.

GLENN: We had several people reach out to me and say, Brian, I have three or four friends that quite honestly didn't even go vote. They felt like their vote wouldn't count. And I just – which I get – infuriates me.

BOBB: It's such a frustrating thing to hear.

GLENN: It's so frustrating. But when you hear that, it does make you say, well, we've got to restore the integrity of our vote because people do feel like their votes are not going to count, they're not going to vote, even though how stupid that is.

BOBB: It's really stupid.

GLENN: That's what they're going to do.

BOBB: It is really stupid. But yeah, I mean, people believe their votes aren't going to be counted. So what's the point? We do have to fix that. I would say if you feel that way and you don't want to go vote because you think your vote is not going to be counted, get involved in the process, become an election worker, become a county official, get involved in grassroots, and you become the person who makes sure that votes count. Because we can't just throw our hands up and go, oh, it's over.

GLENN: Okay. So people in these states, you know, Arizona –

BOBB: All fifty.

GLENN: Pennsylvania, all 50 states at this point.

What can we specifically do? Can Arizona be saved right now? I mean, I don't want to get in the weeds and I don't want you to pull back the curtain of what you the team might do. But what can – is it over?

BOBB: Well, it's I mean, they called the election, but it's up to, you know, Kari Lake and her campaign team. And quite honestly, Abe Hamadeh and the other candidates as well. That election was so poorly run and it's up to them. You know, I'm not – it's not my team.

GLENN: Right.

BOBB: But I think they have a good argument to say the election was so poorly run it shouldn't be certified.

GLENN: So we can have a revote?

BOBB: I would like to see them – I think they need a new election. I mean, the only way to restore confidence in the election in Arizona is to redo it. So personally, I would like to see that happen. You know, it's up to them what they do.

GLENN: And if you're Katie Hobbs and you're secretary of state and you're over the elections, wouldn't you think to clear and have full transparency and to say, you know what, if I really feel like I won this election, I have no problem re-voting because I feel like my base is going to vote me. What do you think she'd be open to a re-vote?

BOBB: Well, I don't think anybody who quote-unquote wins an election wants to redo it. I don't think she's going to be open to it. I don't think she's going to do anything transparent.

GLENN: Should she, though?

BOBB: Oh, of course. Absolutely. Especially when you have a third of the machines go down on Election Day that grossly disparages Republican communities. You know, excuse me. disadvantages Republican communities.

That's a very serious problem that absolutely affected the number of votes for conservatives, for the conservative candidate. So, yes, I think 100% they need a new election and needs to be transparent.


So, I mean, yeah, I think they need to redo it in a way that's fair.