Reporter For Indian Country Media Network Explains The Ugly Bigotry That Underlies Trump And Howie Carr's Attacks On Elizabeth Warren

Gyasi Ross: As The GOP Nominee “There Are People Who Legitimately Believe In [Trump's] Platform, This Hateful Nonsense That He Espouses”

From the June 30 edition of MSNBC's All In with Chris Hayes:

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CHRIS HAYES (HOST): What is your feeling, as someone active in your particular community, watching the rise of [Donald Trump]? Particularly the fact that he’s got this guy doing a “war whoop” in introducing him, but the sort of the way that he sort of talked about so many different groups. 

GYASI ROSS: Well, it's not a surprise. And I think that we have to be very clear that Donald Trump is just a symbol for an antiquated, outdated mode of thought that unfortunately still exists and is still very prominent. It was prominent enough to -- you know, sometimes we feel like we're picking on Donald Trump for having these outlandish positions and we talk about him every single day, and it seems like he's such an easy target, but the truth is that he is running for president. He is the Republican nominee. And so that means there are people who legitimately believe in this man's platform, this hateful nonsense that he espouses. 


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