On Reliable Sources, Amy Goodman Calls Out Media's Overhyping Of Trump

Goodman: “Trump Doesn't Even Have To Go Out On The Road, He's Piped Into Everyone's Home. That's Not The Way The Media Should Be.”

From the February 21 edition of CNN's Reliable Sources:

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AMY GOODMAN: Well, I just want to say in talking about how the media covers these different candidates, it is astounding that Bernie Sanders is where he is today. Look at that Tyndall Center report that found in 2015, in the months leading up to December, you had 234 total network minutes, like almost four hours, CBS, NBC, ABC, covering Trump. That's four hours and how much got coverage? Sanders got 10 minutes. On ABC World News Tonight in that year, Sanders got 20 seconds. Trump got like 81 minutes.

BRIAN STELTER (HOST): Yeah, It was minute.

GOODMAN: To think -- I mean, Trump doesn't even have to go out on the road, he's piped into everyone's home. That's not the way the media should be.

STELTER: After the New Hampshire primary though, for the first time, it was Sanders on top. Sanders had his most covered week yet after the primary when he won there.


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