RedState's Ben Howe: The Republican Party Is “Getting A Sociopathic Maniac” As Its Presidential Nominee

Howe: “To Have Donald Trump Be Our Standard Bearer ... I Don't Know If We Can Recover”

From the May 8 edition of CNN's Reliable Sources:

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BRIAN STELTER (HOST): Ben is the issue for you that with Hillary you know who you’re getting, with Trump you don’t know who you’re getting because he changes his positions? 

BEN HOWE: No, I think I know exactly who I'm getting. I think I'm getting a sociopathic maniac. And not only do I feel like that's who I'm getting, I think that if Donald Trump was president we have four years of him defining conservatism. It's been bad enough with some of the people we've had define conservatism over the last several years. To have Donald Trump be our standard bearer I think would be so destructive, I don't know if we can recover. This is going to be a third party situation if we can't get him to lose the election. 


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