Rebecca Berg On CNN: Trump “Listens To Fox News And Other Cable News Shows As If They Were His Advisers” 

From the March 17 edition of CNN's The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer:

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WOLF BLITZER (HOST): He does have some generals there, whether General Mattis, General McMaster, General Kelly, he likes to listen to generals. You would think that they might be able to speak to him and say, you know what, this is not a time to start quoting a legal contributor to Fox News, a commentator.

REBECCA BERG: That's right, but it seems like Donald Trump, not only in the White House but also in the campaign also listens to Fox News and other cable news shows as if they were his advisers. We all remember that moment where he was asked where he got his foreign policy information, and he said he got it from the shows, he got it from cable news.

So, I think there are really two parts to this. First you need to have advisers who will tell you what is happening, give you good advice, but the other part of this is the president, the president needs to want this information, needs to want to know the truth, and needs to regard the facts as important.


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