Radio Host And Trump Campaign Official Doubts Sexual Assault Allegations Against Him Because There Were No Witnesses

John Fredericks: “None Of These Corroborated. None Of These Reported. All Of Them, Oddly Enough, No Witnesses. ... Who Does This?”

From the October 13 edition of WHTK's The John Fredericks Show:

JOHN FREDERICKS (HOST): Curtis, these reports of these allegations have come out yesterday. Look, they seem pretty suspicious to me, right? We get four women, most of this happened -- one of them, Curtis, 37 years ago. The woman is now 73. None of these corroborated. None of these reported. All of them, oddly enough, no witnesses. Nobody ever went to their human resources department. Who does this? All of a sudden these things come out in a coordinated effort and they come out the day before another WikiLeaks dump leak on Clinton. And the difference is the emails are real. These things are potentially false allegations 27 days out. I mean, what am I missing here?

CURTIS ELLIS: Yeah, really. No corroboration. This is a he-said-she-said thing, and it’s a she-said-she-said thing.


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