Racist Radio Host David Duke: Donald Trump Jr.’s Refugees-Skittles Tweet Is “Absolutely Correct”

Former KKK Leader Uses Trump Jr. Meme As Springboard To Attack Racial Minorities  

From the September 21 edition of Rense Radio Network’s David Duke Show:

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DAVID DUKE: It’s a very simple illustration of what we’re really facing in this country, both in Europe and America.


Now in combination with this meme, which, of course, is absolutely correct. I mean when we have a situation where it’s impossible to vet people -- or know where people coming from other countries, we don’t have their documents, sometimes they even end up coming without anything. You don’t know where they come from.


It’s obvious if you bring massive numbers of people who come in with a different racial heritage, a different orientation -- they’re not celebrating the values of the United States of America, the traditions, the heroes of America. They have their own heroes who often fought against America and saw America as a traditional enemy, like the Mexicans. And you have them come in in mass numbers -- or any other race -- does this lead to more harmony and peace and brotherhood and love? Or does it lead to disunion, disharmony, hatreds, violence, and destruction of society?​


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