QAnon/Pizzagate filmmaker claims Trump said he wants to watch his conspiracy theory movie

QAnon and Pizzagate conspiracy theorist filmmaker Mike Smith and Mary Flynn O’Neill, the sister of former national security adviser Michael Flynn, claimed that Donald Trump said he wanted to watch Smith’s conspiracy theory movie Into the Light. The claim comes after Trump appeared on stage with Smith at a recent event at Mar-a-Lago that featured a screening of the film and the former president receiving an award from Michael Flynn for supposedly combating human trafficking.

During an April 3 X (formerly Twitter) Space, Smith discussed the Mar-a-Lago event — which was hosted by America’s Future, an organization run by the Flynn family which has become increasingly tied to QAnon — with O’Neill, America’s Future executive director. While hyping Trump’s appearance at the event, O’Neill said that the former president is “supposed to watch that movie. He’s supposed to watch Into the Light,” and seemed to promise that she would “follow up” with Trump’s staff about it. Smith responded that when Trump was on stage, he said to Smith, “I’m going to watch it.” And when Smith expressed hope that Trump would follow through on his promise, O’Neill said, “Oh, he will.”

Into the Light — the sequel to Smith’s Out of Shadows, which pushed Pizzagate — is described as “a movie made to bring to surface that psychological operations are present and active in today’s society.” The film features fellow QAnon and Pizzagate conspiracy theorist Liz Crokin (another member of America’s Future), and pushes conspiracy theories about the World Economic Forum and the “great reset.”

QAnon/Pizzagate filmmaker claims Trump said he wants to watch his conspiracy theory movie

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Citation From an April 3, 2024, Twitter/X Space

MIKE SMITH (DIRECTOR, OUT OF SHADOWS AND INTO THE LIGHT): I told everybody before you came on that you — Gen. Flynn gave President Trump an award for fighting human trafficking, for doing more than anyone — 

MARY FLYNN O’NEILL (EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, AMERICA’S FUTURE): Children. With children, yeah, that’s right. He's the only president that has ever done anything for human traffic but for children. And it was just a beautiful award. If I had it in front of me, I’d read it to you. But he was really taken by it. He didn’t know it was going to happen, you know, so —

SMITH: Yeah.

O’NEILL: — it was cool. It was really — and it was really cool to see you and Mike and Donald Trump on the stage. It was nice. It was cool.

SMITH: I could — if your brother would not have helped me, I would’ve — I don’t know what I would’ve done because I was literally — I’ll be honest with you. I didn’t expect President Trump to come in, and I’m standing there and I could see him coming in the room and I’m like, what do you say to —


SMITH: — President Trump? I’m like, welcome home?

SMITH: And then, you know, I looked over to your brother and I’m like, “Mike, can you help me?” I was like, you know, God’s done some crazy stuff to me in my life, but that was probably one of the biggest God things ever. Like, that was —

O’NEILL: That was awesome.

SMITH: I was like, I cannot believe this moment. I mean, like how cool is it to just have that moment? I mean, I would — I mean, you can’t —

O’NEILL: Well, it was. It was cool. I’m going to call his secretary, there’s an assistant there, because we also — we gave him one of Gen. Flynn’s bats with a inscription on it. And I’m going to follow up and see because he want — he was supposed to — he’s supposed to watch that movie. He’s supposed to watch Into the Light, so I’m going to follow up and and see if he’s —

SMITH: Well, hopefully, he will. I know he whispered to me — 

O’NEILL: Oh, he will.

SMITH: He said to me, I don’t know if you saw when he left the stage, but he leaned over and he goes, “I guess I — that’s a thank you, and I’m going to watch — I’m going to watch it.”

O’NEILL: I’ll follow up. I’ll follow up.

SMITH: Well, that’d be great.