Pro-Trump One America News Network: Report reveals Obama aides “plotted a coup against President Trump”

Report is based on a new book from discredited writer Ed Klein

From the October 30 edition of OANN's One America News:

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JENNIFER FRANCO (ANCHOR): Well, a new report reveals several key aides to the Obama administration plotted a coup against President Trump in a desperate effort to stay in power. One America’s Kristian Rouz has more on the deep state’s war against the president.

KRISTIAN ROUZ: An alleged plot by the Obama administration to destroy President Donald Trump is now being revealed, shedding light on the motivation behind fierce attacks against him by the mainstream media. In a new book out today, titled All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump, former New York Times editor Edward Klein cites several inside sources from the Obama White House inner circle. The author explains the largely debunked Russian collusion narrative as a consequence of a plot arranged by top Obama aides aimed at setting President Trump up for impeachment.


The author argues America's radical left has joined forces to stage a coup against President Donald Trump and return the power back to the political elites, special interests, and the mainstream media.


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