Possible Trump Press Secretary Kimberly Guilfoyle Wanted Putin To Be President

Guilfoyle Has Also Repeatedly Attacked Black Lives Matter, Refugees, And Immigrants

Kimberly Guilfoyle, one of the co-hosts of Fox News’ The Five, reportedly had multiple meetings with President Donald Trump’s transition team about possibly serving as his press secretary. In May, The New York Times reported that Trump has floated Guilfoyle as a possible replacement for press secretary Sean Spicer. Like Trump, Guilfoyle has expressed admiration for Russian President Vladimir Putin and even called for him to run America for a short time. She has also demonized the Black Lives Matter movement, calling it a hate group that thinks it’s “OK" to "kill cops,” and defended Trump’s attacks on the press. And she has made incendiary comments about terror suspects, refugees and immigrants, including denying that Muslims have faced discrimination in America.

Guilfoyle’s Positive Comments About Putin Included Request That He Run America To Defeat ISIS

Guilfoyle Requested We Get “Putin In For 48 Hours” To Be President And Defeat ISIS.

Guilfoyle Defended Trump’s Praise Of Putin As A Great Leader, Noting That It's "More Of A Strength Model To Say That Putin Will Do What It Takes To Defend His Country.”

Guilfoyle Has Denigrated Blacks Lives Matter And Criticized Speaking Out Against Police Brutality

Guilfoyle On Ferguson Black Lives Matter Protests: “It’s Like Savagery. It’s Barbaric.”

Guilfoyle: Black Lives Matter Is “A Hate Group Against Police Officers.”

Guilfoyle: Black Lives Matter’s Agenda Is “It’s OK To Go Ahead And Kill Cops.”

Guilfoyle: Quentin Tarantino Speech At Police Brutality Protest Could “Engender More Violence Towards Police Officers.”

Guilfoyle Called For Murdering Guantanamo Detainees And Reinstating Torture

Guilfoyle: “Just Kill Them All And Close Gitmo.”

Guilfoyle Claimed Waterboarding Was Legal And Said, “We Are Entitled To Do … Enhanced Interrogation Techniques.”

Guilfoyle Blamed Obama For Suicide Bombing By Guantanamo Detainee Released By Bush.

Guilfoyle Fearmongered About Refugees And Immigrants

Guilfoyle: Refugee Resettlement In America Is “Forced Infiltration.”

Guilfoyle Falsely Claimed Syrian Refugees Entering America Are Overwhelmingly “Adult Males Of Fighting Age.”

Guilfoyle Compared Immigration To “A Tumor Or A Disease.”

Guilfoyle: Sanctuary Cities Mean U.S. Is “Importing Criminals Instead Of Exporting Them.”

Guilfoyle Denied That Muslims Face Discrimination

Guilfoyle: “Who’s Vilifying Any Of The Muslims? Who’s Doing That?”

Guilfoyle Joined Co-Hosts In Questioning Prevalence Of Hate Crimes Against Muslims.

Guilfoyle Defended Trump’s Overturned Muslim Ban Executive Order As “Common Sense,” Denied It Was Discriminatory.

Guilfoyle: Portraying Muslims As Terrorists In Pop Culture “Reflects Reality.”

Guilfoyle Defended Trump’s “Wildly Entertaining” Media-Bashing Press Conference

Kimberly Guilfoyle On Trump’s Press-Bashing News Conference: “I Thought It Was Good.”

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