Pod Save America: Trump spent his first day back from vacation live-tweeting Fox News

Jon Favreau highlights Media Matters' work matching Trump tweets to Fox segments

From the January 4 edition of Pod Save America:

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JON FAVREAU (CO-HOST): In the span of twelve hours, the president called for the imprisonment of a top aide to Hillary Clinton, accused his own Justice Department of being complicit in a deep state conspiracy, threatened to cut off aid to Pakistan and the Palestinians, took credit for the fact that no one died in a plane crash last year, said that he’ll be announcing the most dishonest and corrupt media of the year awards on Monday and the coup de grace, Trump taunted fellow madman Kim Jong-Un by saying that he has a bigger nuclear button.

That’s -- it was a tour de force, Dan. I’m sitting there and I’m just like, another one? What is he doing today? And then of course, you know, the folks at Media Matters and Daniel Dale, the reporter from the Toronto Star, and all the people who keep track of these things, soon showed us that every tweet followed a Fox News segment over the course of the day, which meant that all Trump was doing on his first Tuesday back in Washington was watching Fox News.

DAN PFEIFFER (CO-HOST): Big surprise about that.


The president spent his holiday tweeting at the television

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