This is part of Trump's 20-minute attack on the media during rally in Phoenix

Trump: “I'm really doing this to show you how damned dishonest these people are”

From August 22 coverage of President Trump's rally in Phoenix, Arizona:

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DONALD TRUMP: So, the -- and I mean truly dishonest people in the media and the fake media -- they make up stories. They have no sources in many cases. They say “a source says” there is no such thing. But they don't report the facts. Just like they don't want to report that I spoke out forcefully against hatred, bigotry, and violence and strongly condemned the neo-Nazis. The white supremacist, and the KKK. I openly called for unity, healing, and love. And they know it because they were all there. So, what I did -- what I did -- I thought -- I take just a second. I'm doing this more than anything else. You know where my heart is. Okay? I'm really doing this to show you how damned dishonest these people are. Here is my first statement when I heard about Charlottesville.


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