One of CNN's Trump shills endorses Muslim ban, “no-go zone” myth while defending Trump's racist tweets

Andre Bauer: “We do need to restrict certain people, and we do need travel bans”

From the November 29 edition of CNN Newsroom with Brook Baldwin:

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BROOKE BALDWIN (HOST): André, I know you oftentimes -- You know, we bring you on, you defend the president. Can you defend him in this situation?

ANDRÉ BAUER: Absolutely. I agree with Ana, we have gotten numb. We have gotten numb to the continual victimization of American people by people that come over to this country to cause us harm. This is a war of hate against American values, and the president ran on this. He continues to talk about it, he continues to remind us about it, and it is a war. And, we have continued to let too many people in this country, unvetted. And at one time when you came to this country you had to work hard, you had to show that you wanted to demonstrate to be part of this country, and now we have let just the opposite in. And we have let people come into this country that have done terrible things to us, and it's happened in the U.K., too.

They have places, neighborhoods, where the police won't even go anymore. So, to not address this situation, I think is -- would be a detriment to what the president of the United States needs to be working on. And furthermore, to continue this Kumbaya feeling that everybody wants to do wonderful things is not true. There is a narrative here that needs to be addressed. The truth ain't pretty, and the president is continuing to stay on what he got elected on, and that was that we do need to restrict certain people, and we do need travel bans, and we do need to have many things to try to stop what is coming into this country that is not intended to make us a better place to live.


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