NY Times' Haberman: “What Hurts Hillary Clinton Is The Bar Has Been Lowered For Trump Repeatedly”

Haberman: “He Keeps Getting Graded On A Curve” 

From the September 7 edition of CNN's New Day

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MAGGIE HABERMAN: This is -- a lot of this is Clinton sort of playing to what she comes by in her campaign's mind naturally, which is passing the commander in chief test. Trump has a harder bar to pass for that. He's never held an elected office. He has struggled on the basic issues of national security and foreign policy. And so, I think the question is much more how he fares tonight and how he does with this. What hurts Hillary Clinton is the bar has been lowered for Trump repeatedly because he keeps getting graded on a curve as her supporters would say and which I think you've seen. The question is does he merely pass and have that recorded as, yes, he did very well. 


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