NRATV host on Puerto Rico and Hurricane Maria: “I’m there with Donald Trump, I call bogus on the 3,000 deaths"

From the September 13 edition of NRATV’s Stinchfield:

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GRANT STINCHFIELD (HOST): I am watching this story unfold about Puerto Rico and the hurricane that went through. It started with a death told of 64, now one college does a study and comes up with this 3,000 people died. CNN puts up the headline, “Trump falsely claims ‘3,000 people did not die.'” Now, CNN doesn’t know what the truth is in all of this. It was a study done by a university commissioned by Puerto Rico who we know has great hatred for Donald Trump, at least the leaders there do. How do they say he falsely claims that? They don’t know what the real truth is.

STINCHFIELD: So Donald Trump says he calls bogus on the 3,000 deaths. I’m there with Donald Trump, I call bogus on the 3,000 deaths. So MSNBC, I want you to listen to this sound bite and then we’ll talk about it.   


STINCHFIELD: So again, he’s a racist and a deeply flawed human being to use his quotes. When all Donald Trump is doing is calling out the facts, “Hey listen, the death toll was 64 people after the Hurricane moved through. Now, a year later, you’ve got Puerto Rico saying it’s 3,000. Maybe we should to look into this.” And in the big scheme of things, Dan, you cover the media, maybe the media needs to do some reporting on this study, some actually investigating what went into this study


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