NRATV host: The Mueller report “vindicated” Trump, so now Democrats are going to confiscate all guns in revenge

Grant Stinchfield on Democrats: “The war they are waging is un-American” and “the definition of tyranny”

From the April 19 edition of NRATV’s Stinchfield:

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GRANT STINCHFIELD (HOST): The resistance has been crushed. The president, our president, has been vindicated and the news of no obstruction of justice or Russian collusion has the Democrats in Washington and beyond on the warpath. Outraged, no surprise they are taking their anger out on freedom-loving Americans. As more and more of the contenders for the Democratic nomination for president push the idea of total confiscation of guns. Make no mistake, this is not about public safety. It is about politics and it is about a vendetta. A payback for the gun owners who voted for President Trump and support him. A vendetta against people who are conservatives and believe in freedom. The Democratic hopefuls want ultimate power over a weakened electorate. One ding-a-ling of a lawmaker said if he's president, he will jail gun owners who refuse to comply with the AR-15 confiscation scheme. It is proof the left is ramping up legislative attacks on all of us. Meaning we cannot call their anti-gun outbursts rhetoric anymore. It is not rhetoric, it is their truth. They want your firearms and they will do everything they can to legislate them out of existence and legislate you straight into prison. The war they are waging is un-American.       


STINCHFIELD: They openly now admit if elected to power, they will take that fight to the point where they will imprison us? That is the definition of tyranny. And I ask this, why is it only conservatives talk about the Constitution and supporting it, abiding by it. Leftists in America never mention it. That should tell you all you need to know about what they want and where they want to take this great nation of ours. God forbid they ever take ultimate power. Freedom as we know it will be destroyed.      


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