NRATV host: Media criticizing Trump's response to North Korea are “anti-American”

Grant Stinchfield: “The one goal they have in doing it is simply to tear our country apart”

From the August 10 edition of NRATV's Stinchfield:

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GRANT STINCHFIELD (HOST): Watching the mainstream media cover this story is almost comical, if the topic wasn’t so serious, that is. Apparently after eight years, they are not used to a commander-in-chief talking tough to a rogue dictator that is made it no secret he wants to annihilate the United States. And I mean annihilate it. So let’s go through some of the coverage and break it down for you. This is NBC’s coverage of the North Korean conflict.


STINCHFIELD: Inflammatory, dangerous red line? We know what the red line was when Barack Obama drew one -- it was nothing. It was made out of chalked to be wiped away by our enemies, simply kicked to the side. Donald Trump issued a stern warning to not just North Korea, but our enemies everywhere. His statements, his statements and threat of using force to anyone that threatens the safety and security of America was certainly meant for leader of North Korea. It was also meant, in many respects, for the leaders of China, of Russia, of Iran, and more. And so for these news anchors to be so flabbergasted that a president would speak toughly about protecting the United States, just goes to show you they really are anti-American.


STINCHFIELD: What allies of ours think that they can’t tell the difference between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un and who is crazier? That's the kind of lies that we have come to expect from the mainstream media, and it's comments like that that has viewership dwindling on all of these networks. It is deceitful to make a comment like that, it is anti-American, and, truthfully, the one goal that they have in doing it is simply to tear our country apart.  


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