NRA Offers False Attack In Complaining That Clinton Has Armed Security

The National Rifle Association attacked Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton for being protected by the Secret Service with the fallacious claim that Clinton opposes private gun ownership.

A video released by the NRA portrays Clinton as a hypocrite, alleging that a “Hillary Standard” exists because Clinton “has been surrounded by armed security for decades. But she thinks the Supreme Court was wrong to say the rest of us have a right to own firearms for self-defense.”

The video features NRA top lobbyist Chris Cox complaining, “For the rest of her life, Hillary Clinton will never even think about dialing 911. For the past 30 years, she hasn’t taken a walk, a nap, or a bathroom break without a good guy with a gun there to protect her.”

Throughout the video, the NRA includes stills of Clinton highlighting her armed security:

The NRA claim that Clinton doesn’t think people should be able to own firearms for self-defense is a lie. Clinton did say that the landmark Supreme Court decision District of Columbia v. Heller -- which found an individual right for law-abiding people to have a firearm in the home for the purpose of self-defense -- was “wrongly decided,” but not for the reason the NRA claims.

According to a spokesperson, Clinton believes Heller was “wrongly decided” because it “may open the door to overturning thoughtful, common sense safety measures in the future” such as a child access prevention provision that was struck down in the ruling, not because she opposes firearm ownership for lawful self-defense.

Clinton routinely expresses support for law-abiding people to own firearms, but also supports further regulations to keep guns away from dangerous people, such as expanding background checks on gun sales. Some examples:

  • Clinton’s campaign policy position notes she “knows that gun ownership is part of the fabric of many law-abiding communities. But as a nation we can no longer allow guns to fall into the hands of domestic abusers, other violent criminals, and the seriously mentally ill.”

  • While discussing the August 2015 on-air killing of two Virginia journalists: “We've got to do something. It's a very difficult political issue. But we are smart enough, compassionate enough to balance legitimate Second Amendment rights concerns with preventive measures and control measures, so whatever motivated this murderer ... we will not see more needless, senseless deaths.”

  • Speaking about the Umqua Community College mass shooting: “I feel like this is unfinished business in our country, and I am very determined that we are going to try to bring some sanity back, so that people's Second Amendment rights are protected -- but they are not absolute, the way the NRA wants them to be. There are common-sense ways to make sure people are not using guns to commit mass murders.”

  • Talking about “the right of people to own guns” in 2014: “We've got to rein in what has become an almost article of faith than anybody can have a gun anywhere, anytime, and I don't believe that is in the best interest of the vast majority of people. I think you can say that and still support the right of people to own guns.”

The NRA endorsed Donald Trump for president (during an event where no guns were allowed) and subsequently issued a series of videos and ads attacking Clinton. The NRA spent $2 million on a July ad attacking Clinton over the 2012 Benghazi, Libya terror attacks. The ad was filmed at Alexandria National Cemetery, in violation of government policy that does not allow political ads to be filmed at military cemeteries. A July 25 testimonial of NRA members who support Trump prominently featured a man who promoted a conspiracy theory about the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting.