“This Is Not The Soviet Union” : Watch A Fox News Contributor Slam Trump For Revoking Wash. Post Credentials

Julie Roginsky: “We're Not Russia, This Cannot Happen Here In This Country, Where You Have Someone Banning An Outlet They Don't Like”

From the June 13 edition of Fox News' The Kelly File:

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MEGYN KELLY (HOST): Breaking tonight, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump has banned the Washington Post from his campaign events, revoking the publication's press credentials and accusing the paper of having no integrity. Trump did not explain what prompted the embargo exactly but the Post's punishable offense appears to be a headline that read “Donald Trump suggests President Obama was involved with Orlando shooting,” a headline which referenced some Trump remarks about the president earlier in the day.


KELLY: It started with an interview on Fox & Friends, where Trump said to the Fox & Friends team people can figure out for themselves what he meant, when he said “there's something going on.” That's what Trump was saying. He kept saying “there's something going on,” there's something going on with Barack Obama when he isn't more forceful in his response. Julie, I'll give it to you first on whether that's a problem, those statements.

JULIE ROGINSKY: Well, look. If you're implying the president of the United States is a terrorist sympathizer, and in fact that's exactly what Donald Trump was doing, that was quite a startling statement to make as the presumptive Republican nominee, the man who wants to be the next president. Look. this is not a new thing for Donald Trump. He implied that he wouldn't release his birth certificate, President Obama, because he could be potentially a Muslim.

This is a dog whistle that's been going on for so long, it's not a dog whistle anymore. He's now essentially coming out and saying this president is potentially sympathizing with ISIS. That's unacceptable, and frankly. banning the Washington Post for a headline that he's not happy with -- while I think the headline was somewhat unfair, it doesn't mean that the Washington Post or any other media outlet gets to be banned.

This is not the Soviet Union. I know he admires Vladimir Putin, who banned a tremendous amount of media in Russia, that Donald Trump would want to have happen here, but we're not Russia. This cannot happen here in this country, where you have somebody banning an outlet they don't like.


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